Thinking Through Food

Here is the Terra Summer documentary
by Oscar-winning filmmakers Simon & Goodman:

Never before has our world had such a numerous and interconnected population.

Never before has there been such a need for that population to see itself as one. And never before have children needed to be so informed or had so much at stake.

At Terra Summer we strive to connect children to the people and the world around them through the magical world of food. Why food, you ask?

Because everything on our plates has a history worth knowing – sometimes joyful, often sad – about where it comes from, what it’s in it, how it’s made and by whom; how it’s cooked, how it’s transported, what it costs; its impact on people, animals, and resources, and its hidden costs.

Because food can teach us about the well-being of our resources and the connectedness among peoples of the world.

Because food is fun, colorful, and delicious, full of rich stories and beautiful traditions.

Because the contemporary food system is wreaking havoc on our planet and never before have children been so disconnected from what they eat.

Because through food – eating! -- we impact, knowingly or unknowingly, everything and everyone around us, near and far, in a true and tangible way – from the quality of our waterways to the salaries of laborers thousands of miles away, to the quality of life of farm animals, to the health of our own bodies, to the survival of the forests and fields that surround us and the animals that live therein, to the relationship we have to the natural world. Learning about that is fundamental and empowering for both children and adults.

The Terra model of learning uses the history, cultivation, and preparation of food to lure children to the world of ideas and academic knowledge and to introduce them to urgent economical, social, environmental issues of our time.

Come to Terra to learn to grow your food, cook, eat in joy, think, and learn about the story behind what we eat. Learn how to be more thoughtful, more peaceful, more healthy and more powerful in how you live your life.

Terra Summer is designed for children 11-14 (rising 6-graders through rising 9-graders). Please explore the links above and to the right to learn more about the program, application and tuition information, new session dates, and upcoming events. If you have questions or want more information, email us at

Thank you.

Sybil Fix

Terra Summer/The Terra Project


Goodbye Terra Summer 2011!
Thank you to everyone who helped make it a fantastic time and a joyous learning experience!

Featured Friends:

  • The Farm Sanctuary works to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living. Check out their site to learn more about this great organization!
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"We sent our son to Terra Summer to broaden his awareness of how his choices affect more than himself. Using food and cooking as the tool to teach this worked magically. He developed a more global perspective and a rare ability to see beyond his own 6th-grader nose. In four weeks of close interaction with dedicated and educated adults, he increased his reasoning and abstract thought and his capacity for supporting his opinions on all subjects. He is more confident in expressing himself..."
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